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About us

Sanfang Apparatus Factory is a manufacturer of Sanfang trash picker, pick up tool, and reacher. These products are of high quality with delicacy, beauty, and practicality. The products are deeply welcomed and sold briskly in every city domestically; they are exported to Europe and America as well.
SangFang pick up tool and reacher can reach something in high position, narrow space, small holes and on the ground. This picker can pick up things as big as 5 pounds and as small as the toothpick. It is a big helper to the older and the disabled person.
SangFang Trash picker are mainly used in environment, parks, sights, universities, hospitals, enterprises virescence and so on. Sangfang trash picker and reacher don¡¯t need to pick up things with hands and don¡¯t have to bow, people can also walk and pick up trash at the same time. This tool is the image product and civilized tool of the city. Whoever uses the product all say they are great.
Sanfang Apparatus Factory sincerely wants to consort together clients both at home and abroad, and to dedicate in the environmental protection together with high quality products and excellent service.
Welcome to join us.
Thank you!

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