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Please include your phone number when you contact us if you have a question you would like to discuss. We will be happy to call and answer your questions personally.


1. How do I know when my order has shipped?

You will receive a confirming email which will provide your UPS tracking number. You may check the progress of your order at any time through the UPS tracking system.

2. Can I place an order over the phone?

We can only accept orders online.

3. What is the difference between the standard CG Reacher and the CG Reacher Pro?

The only real difference is the handle. The Pro model has a newly designed ergonomic handle with a co-molded grip and a lock. It is more comfortable than the standard handle. The rest of the tool is identical.

4. How much will my shipping charges be?

After you have entered the billing and shipping information, the shipping charges will be available for you to select before you actually place your order.

5. Do you make CG Reachers longer than 72"?

You may contact our distributor, Arcoa Industries. They make them up to 12 feet. Call 086-0374-6970899 .

6. What kind of rabber?would you suggest for people with shaky hands from Parkinson Disease?

Our CG Grabber which has an optional wrist support available for it would be the best. It has a slightly smaller handle and the wrist support would help steady the arm. You will find it in various colors in the Colorful Grabbers and Reachers section.

7. Are your products available through other distributors, and can they be purchased using purchase orders? can only accept online orders with Master Card and Visa payment. If you need to purchase using a PO, then you may call our manufacturer Arcoa Industries (086-0374-6970899 ) to ask them for a referral to another distributor who can accept a PO for you.

8. What is your full company address and contact info—it is not on your web site. does not have a physical business location since we operate entirely online and have our orders drop shipped to our customers. Our phone, fax and email address are listed in Contact Us. Email contact is the most efficient

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